Our Service

It is our advantage to know our destinations first hand. The best hotels, because in many cases the hotels are an interesting part of the trip and some of them possess an special charm that make them be a live part of the history of the country.

The best means of transportation available, the most calculated and convenient flight connections, the best restaurants and the most adequate and logical organization of visits and activities.

We don’t organize preset tours printed on a catalogue. We personalize the trip depending on several factors as duration of trip, countries to visit or what kind of travel it is desired: some clients might enjoy more to concentrate in monuments, temples and palaces or in natural places or in museums or in local music or in gastronomy or in night life or in shopping or simply in a combination of all the possibilities.  We organize the trip up to the wishes of our clients and on the other hand you can also suggest whether we should work deeper in one or other aspect.

We will also advice you in case you are not clear about what country or combination of countries you want to visit in the first place and about the most logical way to do it. It is common that during conventional trips,  once arrive to the destination,  the client would have preferred to do the trip in a different way or spend more days in one particular city, etc,  but at the time of leaving home nobody really advised properly and in detail  about the convenience of doing it in one way or another.

We understand that one of the most important adding or extras in our service is the fact that our client will be directly in contact with us and before starting the trip and we will explain about all details concerning it so no detail will be missed before boarding the plane. This is a point that really makes a difference between OTHER travel companies and the tours that we will organize only and exclusively for you.